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A large variety of frozen chicken products, franks, turkey and duck.


The highest quality Beef and Lamb meat from Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.


Halloumi, Labneh, Kashkaval, Mozzarella and more of the heighest quality Cheese and Milk products.


We select and hand pick the best vegetables with the best quality from around the world.

Olives & Olive Oil

The best Spanish olives and olive oil


A Large selection of frozen fruits

Our product categories represent a wide range of the most popular items in the border trade and includes premium products from leading producers from around the world. Our range consists of over 1,000 items and offers a wide range of the world’s most demanded food items.

We possesses a capacity level totaling up to 200 thousand square meters with a quantity of goods imported up to 350 thousand tons per year which cover about 10%-30% of the volume of the domestic consumption, depending on the product category.