Cold Store Technician

To perform all technical repair work related to Al Munajem Cold Stores fleet of vehicles are carried out in line with specifications so as to ensure all fleet vehicles are maintained in the desire running condition.

Primary Position Responsibilities:

  • Ensures all vehicles are in safe working/operating condition and all inspections and tests meet acceptable standards.
  • Maintains vehicle and equipment maintenance records and repair costs and manages the maintenance cards for all existing cars.
  • Conducts periodic inspection on all cars, to detect the occurrence of failures before they occur, and take appropriate action.
  • Analyzes defects on vehicles to identify cause of malfunction and determine the possibility of repairs.
  • Prepares documents for to draw spare parts from stores of outside purchases.
  • Performs emergency maintenance work as and when required.
  • Conducts the necessary testing on the vehicles after the repair process to ensure proper repairs have been carried out and issues resolved.
  • Investigates driver’s complaints and recommend corrective action as necessary to resolve complaints

Position Specifications:

Minimum qualifications required by this position:

  • Two years post-secondary in any of the mechanical or electrical fields.

Minimum experience required by this position:

  • 3-5 years of experience in maintenance preferably in a medium to large vehicle maintenance.

The following generic competencies and behavioral characteristics is essential for successful performance:

  • High technical and supervisory skills.
  • High skill in analyzing problems.