Dear Stakeholders and interested parties

Thank you for showing interest at our Company website, and thus our efforts to further build on the very strong existing base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with our people and organization, customers and consumers.

Ours is a Journey from a family tradition with predominantly a successful distributorship of international brands, towards a total marketing and distribution powerhouse in the Region, providing world-class service to our customers to ultimately fulfill consumer demands for creating value – with the right organization, professional world -class international management and corporate governance.

Almunajem Cold Stores Company – within the 60 years of experience in Saudi Arabia – has proudly established long-standing, rewarding relationships with its partners & stakeholders at all levels with the stringent commitment to QUALITY and INTEGRITY. A food business with frozen, chilled and dry portfolios, it has to be emphasized that (as the company name suggests) “Cold Stores” and thus frozen/chilled infrastructure throughout the Kingdom has been the unbeatable nucleus of expertise.

The company has over time –with success- horizontally integrated into production, marketing, and the sales/distribution activities with a view to ultimately serve the Region. Final consumers always at the center of the focus, innovation and service have been –and will remain to be – the secret recipe of the Company success represented by the leading positions at the categories contested.

While growing and moving on and further institutionalizing, the Company insistently wants to retain the values that it has cherished, while having an open mind, investing in and building on further with newer systems, categories, people and infrastructure, approaches, applications – only the best in class…

Almunajem Cold Stores Company is ready to push on further with its international/multicultural “can do” attitude, entrepreneurial Team and ready infrastructure to serve the Customers and Consumers in the Region with further activities, partnerships, and pride…

At our customers’ service,